About Junior Data Analysts

Junior Data Analysts is a non-profit organization, whose objectives are to elaborate the best solutions to firms and institutions in data analytics.

Junior Data Analysts is attached to AMSE, Aix-Marseille School of Economics, which was selected in 2011 as Labex (Laboratory of Excellence). AMSE is structured around three research entities :

    Greqam - Groupement de recherche en économie quantitative d'Aix-Marseille
    Sesstim - Sciences économiques et sociales de la santé et traitement de l'information médicale
    Idep - Institut d'économie publique

These points testify the quality, independace, and responsability of our junior data analysts.

If you have recourse to the services of Junior Data Analysts, you will be dealing with the most skilled students of Aix-Marseille School of Economics.
Working closely together, they commit to best meet your needs, with adequate and innovative solutions to your problems.

Whatever the industry sector you operate in, Junior Data Analysts guarantee you tailor-made solutions and new opportunities.

Marie Saugey

Ensures, manages and represents the development of the Junior

Alexis Cottez

Manages the financial operations of the Junior

Audrey Difernand

Prepares and drives the meetings organized by the Junior