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Posted the 17 October 2016

Retrouvez les infos, les actus et les événements Big Data en France, autant qu'à l'International sur le site BigDataFR.

Every day, keep informed thanks to BigDataFR, about broad enforcements of Big Data in our world.
At the same website, we can find out more about the necessity of administration efficiency enhancement through digitalization, or we can keep informed about companies recruiting in these increasingly hot careers.
But it is not yet over ! Meet with professionals in trade shows that BigDataFR lists !

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AMSE, a school within the university

by Carine Nourry, Head of the graduate school

Posted the 20 June 2016

"In an ever changing world, businesses and public institutions increasingly need economists who understand the environment they operate in, and who are equipped to anticipate its demands. This is the kind of economist that AMSE trains."

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